Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well, That Was a Quick Trip on the Healthy Wagon

My new posting schedule says that I need to post tonight but instead of being all "I went for a run, I was a good girl, I was healthy", I'm going to tell you how I sat on my mom's couch, ate a full turkey dinner, and watched one of the best hockey games I have watched all season. End-to-end, beautiful hockey. Tonight was what the Stanley Cup finals are all about!

You can not fault Thomas for this goal--he and Luongo put on clinics tonight--but when the other team does a
textbook tape-to-tape set play...

It did get my heart going so I'm sure that totally counts as a workout, right?


Fine. I'll be better tomorrow.

But right now I'm going to dance around in my underwear* and think about how the Canucks are three wins away from the Stanley Cup.

Then maybe I'll get some sleep.

*what? I didn't want to get cat hair on my dress pants so they came off the minute I walked through the door.

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