Sunday, June 5, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah...

After a lackluster Spring with heavy snows in March and endless rain in May, Summer has finally arrived on Canada's West Coast. It was hot and sunny this weekend. The perfect kind of weather to get out of the apartment and  work on your tan slather yourself in sunscreen!

I was supposed to run on Saturday morning but after a jarring pain in my right heel Friday at work, I decided on a long walk instead. The pain was gone but I'd rather not chance it with the pounding on pavement. Plus by the time I returned to my apartment to grab my laptop and take up semi-permanent residence on my local coffee shop patio/sidewalk, it was HOT!

Note: I just want to get a "holla!" for my local coffee shop. They let me sit for five hours on a $2 cup of coffee and didn't say a word except to wish me a good day as I left. It's a busy place and seating is at a premium. They are good, good people who serve good, good coffee!

Today I did something a little crazy. I auditioned to be part of a DVD recording for BellyFit as a member who gives before and after testimonial. Free BellyFit classes for two months? Hells to the ya I'll be on camera! I made myself look presentable but not too different than I do when working out (okay, maybe I don't wear mascara and eyeliner while working out but other than that...) and headed off to the audition.

I was hoping that my natural instinct to babble when I'm nervous would somehow disappear between leaving my apartment and arriving at the studio. Yeah, that didn't happen. During the interview, they had to cut me off twice because I was giving too much information to the questions.Yikes! I will find out tomorrow whether or not I get the two months of free classes so keep your fingers crossed and I'll try and keep my mouth shut.

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