Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd Blow the Trumpets But They're Probably Rusted

So, it's been a while since I posted. Like, a long while. I'd like to say I was unable to post because I was abducted by aliens who took me to their home planet where I was put forth as a political candidate but ultimately lost my chance to be come supreme ruler of the universe to a short, blue reptilian from the planet Quarnt but I'm sure you'd figure out that was a lie.

Plus, I've been posting over here so obviously I still had Internet access during the inter-universe space journey-travel-thingy.

I've been an avid reader of fitness/healthy living/food blogs during that time, I've just been lacking the motivation to keep my own up.

But that changes today.

I'm going to start a posting schedule so I have no excuse to say "I'll do it tomorrow" (I am nothing if not a fabulous procrastinator!) and I'm changing things up on the site in the hopes that it will re-energize me with my dedication. (Ahem, the current new look is not permanent, I just needed a change rightnow! and there were no cobweb themes which I thought would be hilarious given my lack of posting for other a month.)

Fitness-wise, I can tell you this: after a knee injury sidelined me early this year, I am finally back to running (and there was much rejoicing throughout the land).

Fun, let's get this blog rolling again wise, I can tell you this: I've been reading All the Weigh for well over a year now but I've never participated in the Friend Making Monday... until this week. The premise is simple: answer the questions, share the link on All the Weigh, and then drink a beer (apparently there's only two official steps).

This week, there are no questions, just an A, B, C list of your own making, so... (added note: It was hard to think of 26 separate and alphabetical ideas to talk about!)

Asparagus: I thought I hated asparagus until I moved to Germany. Turns out, my family never ate it growing up. I introduced my mom to it. We both love it. Funny the things you decided you don't like for no good reason when you're a child.

Brothers: I have a step-brother, a brother and a half-brother. I tell people I have three too many but I love them dearly and don't know what I'd do without them (especially my Baby Bro but don't tell him I said that).

Claire: I tell stories and refer to myself as Claire, forgetting that most people know me as Andrea. It's then really awkward to explain that I wasn't lying about my name.

Doctor Who: I love this series more than I can ever explain. It makes the eight year old inside me happy as well as the 31 year old.

Elephant: One almost killed me! Okay, it didn't almost kill me. But it did charge me and I was justifiably scared.

Family: I remember having to do a project for French class where we had to do a family tree and then present it to the class. Most people took less than five minutes. At eight minutes, my teacher cut me off and said that I had sufficiently demonstrated my ability to discuss my family in French. That's what happens when your mom is one out of six and your dad is one out of eleven.

Game of Thrones: I'm obsessed with this HBO series right now. I've just started book four in the series and I'm really happy with the adaptation HBO did. (Plus a fair number of the actors are easy on the eyes... even if some of them do make me feel like a cougar.)

Heatherdale Ale: Quite possibly my favourite beer at the moment.

Ireland: I'm going back to see my family for the first time in 10 years this fall. Prior to this 10 year break, I used to go back every three years like clockwork. I can't begin to tell you how excited just the thought of this trip makes me.

Job: I have met some of my best friends through my job. I've also met the scum of humanity through it as well. My office is an interesting mix-bag of people.

Kitties: I have two of them. They are the cuddliest beings on the planet but only for me or if you've sat in the same place on my couch for at least an hour.

Laugh: This is my most favourite thing to do in the whole world.

Monkeys: I hate them. They are the raccoons of warmer climates. Anyone who says otherwise has never had to live in a monkey zone.

Nineties Dance Moves: My dance moves of choice for weddings. I'll do the running man for you sometime.

Ocean: Growing up on an island, I need to regularily smell salt air or I go a little stir crazy.

Pillow: This is one of the words I say 'funny'. Growing up with both an Irish father and stepfather, there are a few words that always make people pause when I talk: pellow (pillow), Chooseday (Tuesday), batry (battery), Arlund (Ireland) are the most common.

Quadra Island: It was at Rebecca Spit on Quadra Island that I learned that ocean water was salty. I still cringe at the thought of the big handful of water I scooped into my mouth on purpose. Ech. Yuck.

Rowdy: We had a donkey growing up called Rowdy. My dad bought a trap; we'd hitch Rowdy to it at Christmas and go carolling to the neighbour's houses. I swear I grew up in Victoria.

Saxophone: I played alto sax in High School band. I was a band geek. Last year, my high school started an alumni band. I not only joined up to play again (after 12 years of not looking at my instrument) but I also volunteered to be on the committee for it. I am proud of my geek cred!

Tosio: My favourite hockey goalie in the world (even if I don't support SCB--Hopp HCD!). I loved him so much I named one of my cats after him yet very few people in North America have ever heard of him.

Usa River, Tanzania: Living here presented me with some of the most difficult moments of my life. It also gave me some of my happiest memories.

Vancouver Canucks: WE'RE IN THE STANLEY CUP FINALS, BABY!!!! I have waited for this for the last 17 years (that was the last time we made it). So happy about this.

Wood: My dad's house was heated by a fireplace in the living room and a wood stove in the master bedroom. I was about 10 before I learned that most kids don't spend their weekends chopping and stacking firewood.

Xeric: Growing up in a rainforest region, I don't do well in xeric climates (which is a word I learned specifically for Scrabble).

You: I think you're pretty freakin' fantastic. Just thought I'd let you know.

Zürich: I hate the place (like anyone who has ever had the pleasure of living in a part of Switzerland that isn't Zürich).


lettucemakesmefat said...

I found you from FMM...this was one of the most interesting lists that I read. I'm gonna have to remember Xeric. :D Happy Chooseday!

AndreaClaire said...

Thanks :)