Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hockey Makes Me Lazy

According to my self-imposed blogging schedule, I was supposed to blog last night. Well, you know what? The Canucks were supposed to win last night. Perhaps not surprisingly, who wants to blog to say "I drank two beers during a losing hockey game and now I feel like I completely wasted those calories because the Canucks lost!" If they had won... totally different story. So, in short, perhaps too much of how I'm feeling right now is wrapped up in how a sports team is doing.

At least hockey will be over soon.

Then I've got two months until my feelings of self-worth are tied to soccer games. (Go Bolton and SCFreiburg!)

I officially received my "you didn't make it for our two free months and then video testimonial" email today but with the email was a ticket for four free BellyFit classes. As one of my reasons for going out for this was it was an opportunity to try the classes for free before I put down money for them. Can't complain with four free classes! I'm torn between trying four different classes or the same class four weeks in a row. Decisions, decisions!

Summer has official arrived in Victoria which means that getting out and getting active is much easier. It also means that I'm having to play around with running times because immediately after work is starting to get too hot for my Irish-offspring blood (I don't do heat. I just don't.) but sitting on my couch lends itself to and never getting up again. I have been debating about trying before work runs but then I remember how much I hate getting up in the morning. Decisions, decisions!

Of course, the best way to make these decisions is over a cup of tea so I'm going to make myself one and contemplate.


Shannon said...

Um, me too. Now I'll go read your post.

Shannon said...

Okay, now that I've read your post.

1. You should move to Vancouver. Then we can hang out. Because that would be awesome. Just saying. (and I know you're not leaving Victoria, so I'll just keep having imaginary friend conversations with you)

2. I scheduled my evening. As in wrote it down on paper. But the Canucks still made me lazy. Partly because I'm working on a project and the person directing the project called me after the game (because she was busy watching the game) with a bunch of comments and changes. This was totally a game she could have called me during and I wouldn't have minded.

3. Summer is here too and getting out is easier too. I've devised a new plan involving the toddler, bribery (of the playground and swing variety) and the stroller (which is why I needed the bribery). We've tried it once and it worked. If it works again, I'll blog about it (or just leave long rambly comments on someone else's blog since that seems to be what I'm up for these days)

4. I'm going to make some tea now too. Thanks for the reminder.

5. Does a Canucks game count as cardio? Because I think the game got my heart rate up higher than it's been in a while.

AndreaClaire said...

1. Or, you know, you guys could move to Victoria. Just sayin' ;) I should be back in Van again soon so perhaps another meet up is in order :)

2. I actually got up and went for a walk halfway through the second period. I was just so frustrated so I can totally understand that you'd be willing to have worked during it.

3. I see nothing wrong with bribing children or cops.

4. Any time. There was a scene in 'the Royal' (British drama I love) where and elderly patient says to her doctor "we're such a funny people, the British, the world falls down around us and we make a cup of tea".

5. I totally think it should. Goodness knows it got mine going!