Monday, June 27, 2011

Missing: Summer (Also, it's FMM today)

Woke up this morning to find that the beautiful sunny weather was once again just a tease. I don't know what's up with this year's summer weather but I'm starting to think that perhaps we should start listing it as 'missing' on the side of milk cartons and paper our neighbourhoods asking if anyone has seen it. There are some people trying to hang on to summery dresses and shorts but the reality is that the majority of people are in pants and jackets today. My only real concern is that I really, really, really hope the rain clouds don't open up before or during this evening's run.

It's that time of week again: Friend Makin' Monday! If you've never played before, you can find the rules here.

FMM: What’s in Your Fridge?

1. List a few common items that can always be found in your fridge. Milk, various produce, cheese, eggs
2. What kind of milk do you drink? Skim, I have a slight issue with specific types of dairy so anything else gives me tummy troubles. (cheese, yogurt, and ice cream, thankfully, do not cause this issue!)
3. Do you prefer fresh or frozen vegetables? Fresh although I keep a bag of mixed frozen vegetables in the freeze 'just in case'.
4. What do you currently have to drink in the fridge? Water, milk. I'll occasionally buy orange juice (although I'm very picky about the type I'll buy) but the only things I drink with regularity are water, tea, and coffee.
5. How often do you clean out your refrigerator? Not often enough. I've stopped buying stuff unless I have a specific plan for it so that's helped with keeping the fridge pretty clutter free so I can get away with fewer cleanings. (Clean smarter, not harder!)
6. What’s the healthiest thing in it right now? The veggies for tonight's stir fry.
7. What’s the most unhealthy thing in it right now? Reese's Peanut Butter cups. My cupboards gettoo warm for chocolate in the summer. This way, I can have one and know that the other two will survive for future treat dates.
8. What do you wish you had in it that you don’t have now? I made a 'Mexican Sangria' a few years back (with a white zinfandel) and when the sun comes back, I wouldn't mind a big pitcher of that sitting in my fridge.
9. How often do you shop for groceries? I do a 'big shop' about every two weeks and then supplement with mini-trips (usually produce) about twice a week.
10. What’s the weirdest thing in your fridge right now? BodyShop Vitamin E Rosewater face spray and BodyShop peppermint foot spray. Try putting a refreshing spray in your fridge. On a hot summer's day, it is the greatest feeling ever but it does raise a couple of eyebrows when someone else looks in my fridge.


Shannon said...

OOOOooh...I like the idea of the foot spray in the fridge!

Amber said...

I put lotion in the fridge too and I forgot to mention it on my FMM! It's so nice to have on especially after a day of being out in the sun!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of the sprays in the fridge, that would be super refreshing. What a great idea!