Monday, June 20, 2011

Rambling Thoughts and Friend Making Monday

First off, if you're not reading The Great Fitness Experiment Blog, you're missing out on healthy hilarity and I pity the life you must lead. Okay, maybe not quite, but still... At any rate, she had an interesting post last night about a To-Do List vs. a To-Be List. It got me thinking and right now I think you all should read it. And then when you're done that, just keep refreshing the page to see her hilarious pictures in the top right corner. (The tutu ones gets me every time.)

After a few days of miserable cloud and down right chilly temps, Summer appears to be back in Victoria. I have prematurely called it 'arrived' before so once bitten, twice shy. We are currently experiencing summer-like weather. Hopefully it will stay for longer than three days.

I officially start running with my new running partner tonight (assuming she gets my confirmation email. Come on, live online like I do guys!) which is exciting. It will just be nice for running to become a social activity again. I love listening to music while I run, but it kills me not to be able to dance along to it. I get enough looks when I run normally, I don't need to be known as that-slow-running-girl-who-does-jazz-hands-while-she-runs. Although now that I say it, a shirt with "I run AND I do jazz hands" would make me pretty darn happy.

So, it's Friend Making Monday over on All the Weigh so that means I've got a bunch of questions to answer :)


Rules are simple: answer, post, link here (more detailed rules are there as well), comment on other people's posts.

FMM: Yes or No?

Do you use coupons? Very rarely. I should really start using them more.
Do you like football? No. It's one of the few sports I honestly have no interest in.
Are you in a relationship? No, unless my cat purring sweet nothings in my ear counts.
Is your phone always within arm’s reach? Yes. Otherwise I lose it because I leave it on vibrate. It's next to impossible to find a phone that's on vibrate!
Do you like thunderstorms? Love 'em.
Can you cook? Yes.
Are you – or have you – lost weight? ::looks at blog banner:: Yes.
Do you know how to read a map? Yes. I'm old school when it comes to travelling; I have never used GPS or SatNav or any of those devices to find my way around. Never will if I can help it.
Do you wear makeup? Yes, but not every day.
Do you read regularly? Does CBC and BBC online news count? I've actually made it a goal to read more books and so far it's going very well.
Are you publicly affectionate? Sometimes. I'm very aware of where I am and that plays a big part in my willingness for PDAs.
Do you like picnics? Yes! Thankfully there's lots of parks in Victoria to picnic in!
Do you have a/c? No. Victoria's weather is fairly temperate so if I did have a/c I'd probably turn it on for two days out of the whole year.
Have you ever been out of the country? Yes, both to live and travel.
Do you know how to ride a bicycle? Yes.


Gail said...

Good luck with the new running partner! Can't wait to be able to run again.

Shannon said...

I like your new masthead...very cute...and thanks for giving me two new blogs to read...summer could be slow going...

Anonymous said...

Funny you said that about living online. In my life I feel like I am the only person who does. Ha! Right now my phone is broke and I feel like I am broke too. I digress...

My family lives in the north. Some along the Italian Riviera, some near Milan and other on Lake Como.

AndreaClaire said...

I love Lake Como! When I lived in Switzerland, we holidayed in the region once. Beautiful. But our usual holiday haunt was Alassio. Also love the Italian Riviera :)

Shannon said...

What part of Switzerland? I'm guessing German-speaking?

Anonymous said...

Love your new header and the To Be List post was definitely worth reading and thinking about.
(A. Hobbit)
PS- the word I had to type to post this was "ejackoll". It made me giggle because I am 12 sometimes.

AndreaClaire said...

Shannon: I lived in Sigriswil and Thun (between Bern and Interlaken if you know Switzerland). German speaking but now when I speak to 'real' Germans, they make fun of me because I say things like 'billet' instead of 'karte' and 'velo' instead of 'fahrradder' and 'glace' instead of 'Eissahne'.

Hobbit!! That word also made me giggle because, really, aren't we both 12 mentally? :)

Shannon said...

I know where Thun is...I lived in Adelboden (outside of Frutigen)...but I don't speak German...I picked up enough phrases while I was there to get by (ie order Gl├╝hwein and heisse Schokolade and Kaffee mit Baileys) but they all knew who I was because I was a "Pfadi" so they'd indulge me with their (somewhat limited) English! I've been through Sigriswil on my way to Brienz and Beatenberg - long story but we went all the way around both lakes on a fact finding mission...and probably just a few months before you lived there!

AndreaClaire said...

I know of Adelboden (never went there) although I did pass through Frutigen on a couple of my travels south. Next time we get together, I am *totally* doing my Swiss train announcer voice for you. I do it in German, French and English for added authenticity :) (I took the train a lot while I was there.)

LRD2010 said...

Hey Thanks for saying hi over on my blog! Great to find someone new to read :D