Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

There was supposed to be a post today about goals that I'm setting.

But instead of writing it on Sunday night, I caught up on all the jobs I didn't do when I slept in Sunday morning (hello Saturday night Halloween party!).

No worries, I could just write it this morning. Wrong. I dealt with an incredibly slow computer while I uploaded Ireland photos over on the other blog. Almost three hours later (seriously, slowest... upload... ever!), I just really didn't care to look at a computer screen any longer.

As a result, five hours later, I'm recovered enough to give you a Happy Halloween post. I'm going to hand out candy at/with my parents (because no one ever comes to my apartment and I get a free dinner out of the deal).

I'd feel guilty, but all this stems from being social and choosing to have fun with friends on Saturday night instead of staying home so I could get up early to write a blog entry. Sometimes blogging loses to having a real life :)

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Random Ramblings

Random One: About two years ago, I entered my first blog giveaway (on the now defunct Get Fit Chicks). Amazingly, I won. Amazingly because a) it was the first time I ever entered a blog give away and b) I never win anything. A few days later, I received The Ultimate Workout Log  in the mail. It looked pretty awesome. I put it to the side with the idea of starting it when I started my running program.

It just ended up collecting dust.

A few months later, I dusted it off and thought that I should really start using it. You know, I'll just wait until after my birthday when I can give it a good start.

More dust.

I've taken it out and dusted it off again. This time, no waiting until I'm ready to start or I have a program in place, I'm using it right away... starting Monday. It's divided into days of the week and I hate starting things in the middle. Plus, it gives me a chance to figure out how I'm going to go about sharing it on here. See, I'm doing all this for you guys ;)

Random Two: In an attempt to pretend I haven't left Ireland, I've been rewatching season four of Primeval on Space so I can listen to the rough 'good morning sunshine' sounds of CiarĂ¡n McMeanamin's voice. It was hearing his voice while watching season four last March that started me on my 'I have to go back to Ireland' kick.

I want this man to read me bedtime stories.

Random Three: I obviously need to check out my blogger stats more often. Four of the top seven google searches which have brought people to this site have some thing to do with the Italian football (soccer) team. I don't even LIKE the Italian soccer team. I made fun of them in that post.

Random Four: In searching for races in Ireland that I might want to be a part of I came across the Mooathon in Co. Donegal. Not only can you be kicked out because you wear something other than white and black but they encourage you to wear cow bells, cow horns, and any other cow-esque items you can find. Also, it ends at a beach... in Co. Donegal! It's quite possibly the greatest race possibility I've ever come across. I know that the 2012 race is too soon for me (both fitness and money-wise), but anyone interested in joining me for 2013? You get to dress up like a cow and run a marathon!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Pass Equals Less Ass

As so often happens after travel, I got horribly, horribly sick upon returning home. Oh recycled plane air, how I hate you! Pity me, people. I went on an awesome trip, came home and got sick ;)

I gave myself a bit of a free pass while I was in Ireland. While I didn't go crazy and eat an Ulster Fry for every breakfast, I did have one twice. (Black pudding, white pudding, fried everything? Hells ya!) I might not have had a pint every night of the week, but I did let the two best bartenders in the country serve me multiple pints on multiple nights.

Why do I say this? Because somewhere in my three weeks of enjoying traditional Irish food and debating exactly which bar serves the best Guinness, I actually lost weight. Obviously, I need to travel more often! I'm putting it down to the incredible amount of walking that I did during my time there.

I may have also gotten inspired while I was in Ireland and looked up half- and full marathons in various locations around the island. Of course, the inspiration may have been more about looking for another excuse to visit parts of Ireland in which I don't have family. Say, the beautiful County Donegal, for example.

I'm feeling better so getting back into the swing of regular workouts is goal number one for the upcoming week. In the meantime, the first few days of travel are recapped here and here.

Monday, October 17, 2011

We Now Return to Previously Scheduled Programming

I'm back. I kind of hate that fact but my overly affectionate cats are making it a little easier. Although I could do without the cat drool.

I've posted a few pictures over here for your viewing pleasure. Proper recaps are coming but I've just spent two hours cleaning out my reader feed so I'm a little computered out at the moment. Plus, I'm awaiting a few photos from my travel companion before I start getting into that.

Sadly, my running shoes suffered a fate worth than death on the trip (they got so wet they held the same potency as mustard gas and the UN sent in troops to deal with removing them to a safe site away from human smell) so a return to running will be a wee bit delayed but hopefully I can get around to replacing them very, very soon.