Monday, July 12, 2010

A Water-logged Runner

The countdown is on! There are only 13 weeks until the Royal Victoria Half-Marathon which means it's time to start training. The training schedule is only 12 weeks but next week is my intensive 5 day Flamenco class and running will take a back seat so we're starting a little early. I was hoping to bust out a good run yesterday morning to start tomorrow's training feeling great but a night of very shoddy sleep and no running partner kept me in bed. Still, despite that I'm feeling awesome for today's run. Why? Well, because the running time is 2-1 to start. I can do that in my sleep.

Today I will also start the Positive Effect Water Challenge hosted by Kenz from All the Weigh and Sean from Diary of a Winning Loser. Three weeks, 64oz of water a day. It's a win-win challenge for me to join at this point. Thanks to my mom buying me a second water bottle for work because I always forget mine at home, I'm sure to knock this one out of the park!

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