Saturday, July 10, 2010

So Long South Africa, Hello Brazil!

It's been an up-down week for me. I had a great weigh-in on Thursday with a loss of 2.3lbs so I was feeling great but then this morning I really struggled with my run. About five minutes into it, my calves decided they had better things to do and I was left walking. I tried to push through it, find my stride so to speak, but it just wasn't happening and I ended up speed walking most of it, just jogging a little bit at the end to feel better about the whole ordeal. I did bust it out in the speed walk and was very happy with the pace I kept, but I'm frustrated about the running. I'm not sure exactly why this happened. I have changed a few things today and hopefully I will see better results in my run tomorrow. I want to see better results because Monday night is my first official 'training to run-walk a half-marathon' and I don't really want to start that feeling bummed about my running in general.

Tomorrow also marks the end of the World Cup. Out of all my teams that I was cheering for at the start, only Ghana made it past the round robin (what can I say? I love to support the underdogs but it usually means they go home early). I will watch the finals tomorrow at a pub with some friends who are visiting from Switzerland. They're cheering for the Netherlands and I'm cheering for Spain. Let's just hope we're still friends at the end of the game!

Once the final is over, it's only 1433 days until the start of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil... not that I'm counting or anything :)

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