Sunday, September 18, 2011

One Week Count Down

Today is my one week countdown to my departure. Along with being super excited, I'm looking at a 'to-do' list which seems to grow every time I turn around. If I didn't know better, I'd think my cats are adding items to it when I'm not looking. But that's ridiculous because they don't have opposable thumbs; they can't hold a pen!

Just because she steals my place in bed doesn't mean she'd write on my 'to do' list, right?

Of course, sitting in a coffee shop so I can update my blog doesn't really help with getting things crossed off the list but it's all part of today's plan. No, seriously. The coffee shop is on the way to Michael's craft store which is on they way to my dad's. Part of the plan.

I will pop in again tomorrow for Friend Makin' Monday but that will probably be it for posts until I'm home. Still, I'll be around and creeping on other people's blogs because without them I have no social life I like to keep up with everyone else.

Just admit we're your only friends so we can go back to ignoring you.

If I do post at all while I'm away, it will be over here but don't hold your breath as I'm hoping I can just disappear from the online world for the three weeks I'm away. So I guess this is just a pre-emptive 'thanks for sticking around'.



LRD2010 said...

Hope you have a fantastic time! :D

AndreaClaire said...

I know I will! Thanks to modern technology (google maps), I was able to get actual visual confirmation on the pub which has a picture of my granddad in it so that alone will make it awesome :)

Kim said...

So, how was it??? I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe as well (London, Belgium and Amsterdam). Hope you had a fantastic time. Be sure to post some pics. I did some daily recaps of my trip along with some pics on my blog if you're interested. I love Ireland. That was my very first trip to Europe.

AndreaClaire said...

I'm still here for a few more days. Hard to believe it's almost over :( But it's been great. More to come later!