Sunday, September 11, 2011

All Quiet on the Blogging Front

Just a head's up that things will probably be pretty quiet on here for the next little while. Between getting everything sorted for my trip in two weeks and then going on my trip for three weeks, I don't anticipate a lot of time for blogging on both blogs.

If I do blog while I'm in Ireland (which I don't plan on doing which is why I'm pre-writing a bunch of posts!), it will be over at Writings from a Nobody so if you want to keep up on how many pints of beer I've been drinking with my cousins, check out that blog. (Recaps of my trip will be over there as well.)

Not to say that I won't be posting over here at all, just that I'm removing any sort of blogging schedule until Oct 17. There may very well be a post on here, say, this Thursday about the joy of West African Dance. Or there may not. I'm schedule-less!

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