Sunday, January 23, 2011

Absolutely Nothing To Do With My Goals

One of the things I've really enjoyed about blogging finding other blogs I enjoy reading. When I started doing Chilkoot Chubby, I stumbled into the new-to-me world of healthy living blogger and was amazed how many there were. Initially, I really did stumble. I'm still not totally sure how I ended up even finding the first dozen although I do believe that too much coffee and a twitter feed may have been involved.

One of the earliest blogs I started following was the Great Balancing Act written by Susan. I've been stalking reading her blog for roughly a year now and it's been a great source of information as well as a great jump off point for other blogs to read.

A while back Susan mentioned in her comments that elephants were her favourite animal. Someone else said something about them being gentle giants. Having been in a car when an elephant started to charge it, I had to chime in. I told Susan that I would tell her the story some day. Today is Susan's birthday. If that's not as good a day as any to tell this story... you can find it here.

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