Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Come On, Brain, [Insert Activity] Builds Character!

Sometimes I wish I could shut my mind off. Obviously not for important things like breathing and swallowing my own saliva, but for those awesome things that you want to do, you know you should do, but your mind is just too lazy to do.

Tonight was West African Dance night and my own mind almost talked me out of going. I didn't sleep well last night, I had a crap day at work, and all I wanted to do when I got home was watch Hawaii 5-0 and hope to see Alex O'Loughlin's abs... and I almost did just that.

You have a bunch of writing you have to do.

You have nothing ready for dinner and do you really want to have to start cooking when you get home?

You should upload those photos for your piece on Alberta.

You missed vacuuming on the weekend.

Maybe you should just have a nap. You only slept six hours last night.

Alex! O'Loughlin!

My mind had more excuses than a five year old who doesn't want to go to bed (it may have even used the five year old I-don't-wanna as well) and I found myself sitting in a funk, watching my clock creep closer and closer to leaving time. I jumped off my couch with minutes to spare, dressed while using the toilet (try doing that without getting pee everywhere, gentlemen!), and raced off to class.

Even just with the decision to get my butt in gear, I found my mood elevated and I didn't feel so tired. By the time I got to class, I was singing out loud to my mp3 player (even serenaded a few people on my walk to class that's how good I was feeling). I gave my all in that class--as I always do because it's impossible not to--and I ended up sweaty, out of breath, and craving more. I left the class feeling like life was awesome and I should go for a walk. So I did.

To a coffee shop.

Where I got delicious decaf coffee.

And dinner.

Okay brain, now we can watch Hawaii 5-0.


Anyone else have problems convincing their brain to workout? How do you handle it?

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Shannon said...

me too...I had to talk myself back into yoga this was 6:30 and my class isn't until noon and I'd already managed to talk myself out of it. I haven't been for two weeks because of Thanksgiving and evil sinuses and even though the sinuses are good today, I managed to convince myself I'd be better off not going...and I had a list of things I *needed* to do instead - post office, finish up a few things for work - or that I *could* do instead like going for a walk or going swimming (which is hard when you don't know where your bathing suit or goggles 6:30 my brain isn't thinking about those things!)

I convinced myself that yoga always makes me feel better and it's the instructor I really like, so I should go. I have nothing to lose...(well, a few pounds maybe, but that's positive)...My usual tactic is a lecture and a reminder of how much better the afternoon goes after I've been to yoga!