Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend lessons

I'm trying to be very strict on my food this week. The idea being that if I have left over points each day, then I can treat myself for being good. It also lets me experiment a bit to determine what is really worth the points. So far, it's been a great idea and I've learned a lot.

1. I actually really like cottage cheese. I don't know why I always forget that, but I do. I eat it, remember how much I like it, and then a month later, I stop putting it on my grocery list. I think I'd just get bored with it. Well, now I'm learning to mix things into it so it's not just 'on the side' but actually the main part of the meal. I won't be getting bored with it this time.

2. Diet Pepsi with Lime is actually pretty decent which means that I have found my zero point mixer for summer BBQ's. Maybe those won't be as difficult points-wise as I assumed.

3. There is nothing more disappointing than 'treating' yourself at the Starbucks beside your grocery story because you have a whole bunch of extra points only to have them mess up your order... twice... and then you patiently wait while the barista guy has a conversation with his body before he makes your drink for the third time... and you still have to say 'I asked for non-fat' when he gets out the milk (and that's not a points related request, that's a 'anything else will make me ill for three hours' request so I'm pretty adamant about it). I am never going to Starbucks again.

4. I love my tea but that means with milk and sugar. I debated about switching to honey but that's the same number of points. I don't like sugar replacements as I find they taste artificial and nothing like sugar, so my next logical option as I drink a lot of tea is to go without sugar... or cut back on my cups of tea. Sorry mom, I like my tea with milk and sugar. It's a good thing my kettle's an inanimate object or it might start to feel neglected.

I guess I'll have to find a new use for my tea mugs.

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