Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One of Those Nothing Weeks

It's been a *meh* week for me. There's nothing specific, just a bunch of little things making it hard to make fitness a priority; job interview, large to-do list, added shifts at work, and general malaise make getting out the door a challenge. Well, that's going to end. Job interview: over, nothing to do but wait for the results. Large to-do list: I'm working through it, and (to be honest) now that the Canucks are out of the playoffs, I'll work through it much quicker. Added shifts at work: I'll be honest, I've got no positive spin on that except yay, money!! General malaise: I'm 99% sure this is coming from a lack of sleep the past two weeks, so I'm on a mission for the rest of the week to be in bed no later than 10:30. The only strike in the 'yay, fitness' column is that I have officially rejoined the Y. Of course, I'm so smart I sign up the one week I honestly won't be able to get there. Great start! Yay me! S-M-R-T and all that.

One of the things adding to the busy-ness of my week is the fact that I'm away all weekend. That's right, I'm going on an uber-exciting weekend to Chemainus!

. . .

Let's try this again. Chemainus!!! Yay!! Che-main-us!! Woo-hoo?

. . .

Seriously, no one finds this exciting?

Willow St, Chemainus' main drag

Okay, so Chemainus itself isn't really a big draw for an entire weekend, but my mom and I are going to see The Sunshine Boys at the Chemainus Theatre, spending the night in an awesome B&B (we stayed there last year), and just generally having some bonding time. My parents lived in Chemainus for six years-ish, only moving to Victoria when I was six months old, so walks around town always result in stories that I would probably not have heard otherwise (I'm Irish. I love to listen to stories as much as I love to tell them). During our last visit, one of the stories involved the decision to move to Victoria as a result of the mill shutting down. My mom said the words "Well, the mill had shut down..." and I spent the rest of the weekend singing "Belfast Mill" despite the fact that we were there to see the musical Oklahoma (which I know all the words to). It became a bit of a joke as I started singing it as we left the musical.

Here's to Chemainus!

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