Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Stumbling Out of the Starting Blocks

I was supposed to go for a run tonight.

Actually, I was supposed to go for a run Monday night but then 106 - I should probably figure out a less confusing nickname for him, something using letters instead of numbers - heard about a board game night in town so plans got shifted around. In case you didn't get the memo: board game night > running.

Back to today, I was supposed to go for a run. I was also supposed to be over this stupid cold.

I took the stairs just one flight at work today and when I found myself only halfway up, stooped over from coughing, and hoping my lungs weren't suddenly going to dislodge themselves and tumble down to the bottom of stairwell, I cancelled my evening running plans.

No point starting the training plan with a call to the paramedics.

I still made a point to get out for a walk for a good 45 minutes. While it wasn't running, it was something.

I also haven't coughed in the last two hours so hopefully tomorrow (or Thursday at the latest) will see me back out on the running paths.

In the mean time, The Wire isn't going to watch itself!

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