Monday, December 19, 2011

Back is Back To Good! And FMM

Just checking in for Friend Makin' Monday and to pass on that I have been pain-free in my back for about three days. I haven't even had the occasional soreness-in-that-area which makes me super excited! Dance is back on the agenda for 2012!! With Christmas going ons and what-not, I don't have too much to share. I've been pretty good this holiday season save for Saturday night when my free pouring host kept refilling my glass while I was too busy chatting to notice. I swear I wasn't sticking my wine glass out in front of him on purpose.

If you're new to Friend Makin' Monday, you can find the guidelines here.

FMM: Have you ever?

1. …traveled outside of your home country? If so, where? USA, Mexico, Ireland (lived there), UK (all four countries), France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany (lived there), Switzerland (lived there), Austria, Italy, Cuba, Tanzania (lived there)
2. …performed on stage in front of at least 1,000 people? If so, share some details! Not for over than many people, no. But I do love being on stage.
3. …watched an episode of Jersey Shore? Yes
4. …baked a cake from scratch? If so, what’s your specialty? I prefer baking cakes from scratch, but my specialty is actually pies, not cakes. I've never not had pie crust turn out perfectly, even when I was 14 and didn't have everything so I improvised with whole wheat flour and a metal baking tin. It wasn't until I was older and tasted some less-than-stellar homemade pie crusts that I realised how lucky I am that that was the baking super power I inherited from my mom.
5. …worked in a grocery store? No.
6. …dated someone who was your best friend first? Best friend no, but a few of them were friends first. 7. …made a difference in someone’s life during Christmas? I volunteered at the Food Bank a few times growing up and I adopted a family with two co-workers one year.
8. …been on TV? Yes. It's an episode of COPS my mom won't ever forget ;) Kidding! But I have been on TV.
9. …had cosmetic surgery? No.
10. …learned a second language? If so, what else do you speak? I used to have decent travel French and Spanish and I'm working on getting them back. I achieved fairly high levels of fluency in German and Swahili when I lived in Germany and Tanzania respectively. When I put my mind to it, I can pick up languages fairly quickly. It's the keeping them up so I maintain that level that causes me problems.


Tasha @ LettuceMakesMeFat said...

I'm so happy your back is doing well. Back pain is no joke!! I'm looking to come to Seattle in 2012 so be prepared to have lunch with a Texan!!

AndreaClaire said...

I'll be ready and waiting with my stretchy pants on so we can have a long, long lunch :)

Toronto Girl West said...

Where did you live in Switzerland? And was it as magical as I imagine it would be!

AndreaClaire said...

I lived in Thun, and it was definitely as magical as you imagine it would be. I got to visit a lot of places while I was there and honestly can't think of a place I wouldn't return to tomorrow if I had the time and money. (Money being the really big factor when you go to Switzerland!) If you ever get there, hit me up. I've got tonnes of suggestions :)