Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello Blog!

I had a good chat with a friend on Wednesday who's also done the whole 'get healthy/fit' thing and when talking about my knee, she casually asked "have you thought about swimming?" You know that moment when you visualize a little animated character walking over and kicking an animated brain? Just me? Okay then... well, even if I am the only person who visualizes that, I totally had that moment. Swimming. Such a simple solution minus needing a pool and having to actually wear my bathing suit.

The pool part isn't so hard--I just need to pull up my big girl panties and pay for it--but I have a love hate/relationship with bathing suits. It's not even the 'big girl tiny fabric' issue they always like to play up in magazines and books. In fact if I could walk around in my bathing suit all day, I probably would. It's an awesome cut/design which totally holds the "girls" in place and easily makes me look 10 to 15 lbs lighter than I am. My problem is getting out of a wet bathing suit. Even when I was in shape, I hated that part of swimming. I don't like the feel of pulling it off. *sigh*

Big girl panties.

Being a f*ing adult.


As soon as this weekend is over, I'm looking into a monthly membership to a pool so I can keep up cardio while my knee figures out how not to hurt all the time.

I've also joined a Bigger Loser friendly competition at work. The winner is guaranteed at least $80 (more if people miss weigh-ins and/or gain) and I know two women in the group that are awesome. The three of us together tend to be a gong show even when we're sober so if nothing else, I'll get a great ab workout while we laugh at the weigh-ins. We officially start April 1st and go for 8 weeks but we decided to have a group coffee date on Monday to sort out the details, like why can't I wear my winter jacket and ski boots for the first weigh in and then my bathing suit for the last one?

I was a little hesitant about doing this with coworkers but then I realised that being in the same building will make it that much easier to sabotage their efforts by sprinkling weight gain powder on their lunches.

Good night, folks!


Shannon said...

You know you crack me up, right? I love the weight gain powder sabotage...

Bathing suits. I'm with you on that one. UGH. I got my current suit after I had J and it's time for a new's starting to do the too-mu-chlorine-sag and it's a bit too big now...but I'd rather wear it than go try to find a new one. Not only will swimming be good for your cardio until your knee improves, but it's good for your knee too - no impact. The other thing that is a great no impact work out is deep water aqaufit. If you have a pass for the pool, aquafit is included at most of the pools in Vancouver...I bet it's the same over there!

AndreaClaire said...

I was going to look for something lik aquafit because I don't really like just swimming laps. Of course, part of that is because I'm just so slow at swimming, people get angry at me being in the lanes.

And I'm glad I'm not the only person who laughs at my jokes :)

Shannon said...

I hate swimming laps...I think they're boring! But I'll do it when I need to...Aquafit on the other hand can be a lot of fun!