Saturday, November 6, 2010

Special Running Buddy

I headed out on my run Thursday night and all I could think about was how much I wanted it to be over. It was late. It was dark. It was cold. It was wet. I hadn't had dinner yet. I had no running partner. I hadn't managed to make a run mix for my mp3. It was a struggle to get out the door but I knew I'd feel better when it was over.

Despite knowing that my body secretly wanted to go for the run, I still grumbled while doing my warm up walk. Despite being over a block away, I could hear my couch screaming my name. I wanted to turn around and run back to it, but then I saw something moving in the bushes on the other side of intersection and out stepped a young buck.

He walked across the road towards a doe which had been hiding in the shadows. Being a doe after my own heart, she flirted by leaping away from him and towards me. He followed and that's when I started to get nervous for them. It's a dark intersection with roads that bend into it and these cute little deers are running around don't have the funky LED turtle lights hanging off them. Thankfully a passing car had the same thought that I did. They put on their hazards and we haphazardly shepherded the buck and doe back towards the park.

That moment made the whole run for me. It made getting off my couch and out the door worth it. I had a smile on my face until I got home and pretty much all the way to bed.

Thanks Bambi! I'm planning on running again on Sunday morning. Perhaps you and Thumper could join me.

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