Monday, April 12, 2010

When Geeks are Sick

At first I thought it was merely a sign of age as I am in my thrities now. My hangover, which seemed worse than I would have expected, lingered a much longer portion of my Sunday than I had anticipated. By this morning, I sounded like Darth Vadar's twin sister and I was moving like Jabba-the-Hut. I'm sick. It sucks. I had a few sniffles last week, the kind that don't get worse but don't get better, and I'm sure that Saturday night's antics plus a two nights of rough sleep pushed them into 'full stuff' mode. I'm in the proverbial sickness fog; everything aches and everything takes twice as long. But if this was exasperated by Saturday night so be it, it was worth it.

I was expecting a low-key affair and that was pretty much what I got. For me, it was perfect. In my invites I had jokingly said that if I got drunk enough, I would recite some Robert Service, but after a few people promised to hold me to that, I realised I was pretty much going to have to do it regardless of the alcohol consumed. As a result, I came up with a further idea of getting everyone to sign my Robert Service poetry book. It will be my frivolous item that comes with me on all my trips, so between now and the Chilkoot, I'm going to make friends, family, acquaintances, anyone who wants to sign it. After Saturday, it's looking pretty good.

I have previously talked about the awesomeness of my friends but I was really touched on Saturday because every gift they gave me had thought behind it relating to this blog. From my favourite spa treatment to the mini-journals and pen for the hikes to the MEC gift certificate and emergency supplies, I was touched by how awesome my friends are. You guys, you all rock. The person(s) that bought the shot that tasted like straight tabasco sauce however, you rock just a little bit less. There, I said it :)

Running this past week I've hit 10 minutes of solid running. On the one hand, I feel like I have so far to go. I'm only running 10 minutes at a time, shouldn't I be going longer by now? Then I remember that only two weeks ago, I was running three minute intervals. I'm at 10 and I didn't struggle with it. When I started this, I struggled so much with the 2 minutes. Part of that was my issues with my crap shoes, but another (larger) part of that was my horrible, horrible cardio. I still have a ways to go for my goal of doing the half-marathon in October, but the task seems much less daunting than it did just a short while ago. Bring it!

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