Thursday, April 29, 2010

"I'm not confused. I'm just well mixed." ~Robert Frost

I apologise in advance: this blog post is going to read like a mishmash of information because, well, it is a mishmash of information. I have snippets of things I keep meaning to work into posts and I never do, so this is all those odds and ends worked into one disjointed post. Hey, at least I know it's not good writing.

My final thoughts on the 10K: I am happy with the effort I put forth given my inability to figure out calendars and two chest congestions in the weeks leading up to it. If you had told me a month ago I was going to miss my goal by 8 minutes, I would have been upset, but having run it and gotten that time, I am happy with the time I got with the effort I put out. I should have known that the blister was going to get worse. I used to do ballet and did three years en pointe before a back injury forced me to stop. As a result, my toes smoosh under each other (and my toes nails... well, let's just say I'll never date anyone with a foot fetish) and I routinely get blisters on the inside of my baby toes underneath the fourth toe so I step on it with each step. Lesson learned: blister or not before the start of a long run, tape up my baby toes to ensure that doesn't happen again.

After working towards the 10K, I decided to take a week off running (I deserve it, damn it!) and as a result I've learned a very important fact: when I don't exercise, I don't sleep well. The downside is that now I'm suffering from a complete lack of energy which is making getting things done a bit of a chore. Memories of last year, of an unhealthier life style. I don't want to be that person again. I won't be that person again. It was nice for a little time off but this weekend, I'm back on the workout-wagon.

I need to start doing weight-training. I was doing it for a while, but I let it slide as school and work requirements grew and stopped it completely by mid February. The gym at Camosun is no longer feasible as far as getting there and back with their summer hours, so I think I will reactivate my membership at the Y for the summer (at least). The only downside is that I missed their free (to members) Women and Weights series which I could definitely benefit from. I did workout with a personal trainer upon a time (in a land far, far away... ) and learned enough at my boot camp sessions that I can figure something out, but it's just annoying to miss what I think would have been a great opportunity to learn. C'est la vie. I could possibly wait for their session in the summer (if they're going to have one) but that's so far away and I need to do this now. Doing almost all cardio and very little toning is really starting to show when I look at parts of my body. Who ever knew that I'd actually want some extra fat to stop the flab from flapping so much? Not me. To the toning weights!

The upside to sitting on my butt all week is that a) I got my taxes done (yay me! Give me my money, CRA!!) and b) it's given me a chance to think about activities I want to cross of my list this summer. I have the loan of Lisa's hybrid bike (It's good on ass! Well, I think I'm funny.) for the summer as she's not going to be able to ride for at least another six months, so I'm hoping to do a couple of day trips. I want to finally get Open Water Diver certified this summer so I'm starting to get the cash together for that. I am debating between a few day and multi-day kayaking trips offered by local outlets. Somewhere in all of that, I'm hoping to throw in a camping trip or two as well (and if that camping trip takes me up Tofino way, add surfing to the list). To top it off, the Juan de Fuca (which looks like it may have to be pushed back to September, but it will still happen this year). It's a big list, but I'd rather too many choices than too few. Adding to this list was discovery of this book from the BackRoad Mapbook series. How did I never know about this book before? Every page is a new idea for outdoor recreation this summer. It's awesome... now I just need to get a copy for myself. Once the summer's over, then I'll flip to the winter recreation section. That's right, it also lists winter recreation. Perhaps this will be the winter I finally rent some snowshoes... or at least contemplate it. This company does maps like this for most regions of Canada, so if you are into outdoor activities and are looking for a few new ideas of things to do or places to see, you should check this company out.

Finally, for those of you in Victoria who would like to support a good cause, I am taking part in AbunDANCE Dance-a-thon on Sunday, May 2nd (yes, this Sunday. This was one of those items which was supposed to be worked in two weeks ago). It's 10 hours (9 of dance and 1 hour lunch break with traditional Guinean food) with hour long lessons in Salsa, Polynesian, West African, Bollywood, Hip-Hop, and more, ending with a traditional Guinean doundoundba (circle dance). The money raised is being split between Matoto and EasterSeals 24 Hour Relay. If you're interested in pledging me, drop me a line and I'll add your name and pledge amount to the list and then cover you until I see you again.

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