Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crushing Travel Plans

I had grand plans to break it to you that I wasn't going to be running the 10K in Taber and how disappointed I was about it, but that I was going to console myself with a trip to Trinidad and Tobago for my friend's wedding at the end of July.

That's an awesome consoluation prize!

Except that's not how it played out.

While I was looking at possible flights and dreaming of beautiful beaches, work was reviewing the projects coming down the pipe and how far along we were on the current ones. I came into work yesterday all ready to put my tickets on hold... and instead I got notification that a couple of project completion dates had been moved up and July is now a no-holiday month for me.


Looking on the bright side, I can still run the 10K in Taber!

And I'll get to enjoy some Taber corn. I would stab someone in a bar fight for an ear of Taber corn. To be fair, though, I'd probably stab someone in a bar fight for tickets to Trinidad so...

I decided I needed to subliment the running with some weight training so I've joined a gym. I'm trying to go before work so I can avoid the after work craziness. It's not so bad if I take the time to sort myself out the night before and get myself to bed at a decent hour. Who knows, I might even start to like it!

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