Sunday, October 23, 2011

Free Pass Equals Less Ass

As so often happens after travel, I got horribly, horribly sick upon returning home. Oh recycled plane air, how I hate you! Pity me, people. I went on an awesome trip, came home and got sick ;)

I gave myself a bit of a free pass while I was in Ireland. While I didn't go crazy and eat an Ulster Fry for every breakfast, I did have one twice. (Black pudding, white pudding, fried everything? Hells ya!) I might not have had a pint every night of the week, but I did let the two best bartenders in the country serve me multiple pints on multiple nights.

Why do I say this? Because somewhere in my three weeks of enjoying traditional Irish food and debating exactly which bar serves the best Guinness, I actually lost weight. Obviously, I need to travel more often! I'm putting it down to the incredible amount of walking that I did during my time there.

I may have also gotten inspired while I was in Ireland and looked up half- and full marathons in various locations around the island. Of course, the inspiration may have been more about looking for another excuse to visit parts of Ireland in which I don't have family. Say, the beautiful County Donegal, for example.

I'm feeling better so getting back into the swing of regular workouts is goal number one for the upcoming week. In the meantime, the first few days of travel are recapped here and here.


LRD2010 said...

Welcome home!

Toronto Girl West said...

Way to go on the whole losing weight while indulging in Ireland thing! :o)

The same thing happened to me when I lived in Paris. This despite my love for pastries, baguettes, Comte cheese, and red wine. I figure the Europeans have just figured things out more than we have!

AndreaClaire said...

LRD: Thanks :)

TGW: Same for me in Germany and Switzerland. I think it's the lack of elevators in the older buildings and an ability to walk every where. Obviously, we need to move back to Europe and put this theory to the test ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I always tend to lose weight when I go to Europe - it's definitely all the walking I do while traveling. But I use all the walking as an excuse to eat to my heart's delight!!