Sunday, December 27, 2009

Resolved to realise my resolution

The days are ticking down to New Year's and the annual resolutions that entails for most people. Inevitably for many people, resolutions involve weightloss/getting fit/improving appearance. The upside is that you get to see lots ads for really funny easy-fix weightloss remedies like this one or even this gem. The first time I saw the first one, I thought it was some crazy joke; how can you get rid of a double-chin and tone your neck if you don't actually lose any weight? If you check out the pro and con page on second link, you'll see some of the con's include: feeling dizzy, getting sick of the soup, it's only water weight that you lose, gas and diarrhea, as well as rapid weight gain once returning to 'normal' eating. Sounds like a great plan!

Thanks to the particularly crazy idea I had and formalised last June/July, my resolution required no thought this year and I fall into that category I listed above. In my online search for inspiration I came across a year-long experiment conducted by Quirkology in 2007 focusing on what techniques will gave you the greatest chance of succeeding at your resolutions and, for women, the most helpful thing you can do is go public with your resolution. I don't think you can get much more public than an open blog that shows up on a google search. Short of taking out a page in the Times Colonist, I've told pretty much everyone I know if Victoria so I've done that part of my resolution.

So, to formalise the resolution then, to actually write it down so I can come back to it again and again, so I can remind myself of it when I falter. I have said that I didn't want to get number specific on this blog so this is my public resolution. I will complete the Juan de Fuca trail this year in May and by the time I start it I will be 1/3 of the way to my final weight goal.

Bring it on, 2010!

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