Saturday, August 21, 2010

Gym-less Yoga and A Better Way to Cut an Apple

Today, I am officially gym-less. It wasn't a hard decision to make. Since reactivating my membership to the local Y, when I look at the amount I spent every month vs the amount of times I went... well, I wasted a lot of money. Part of the problem was that I'm not a morning person and that's about the only time the Y isn't stinkin' busy that I'm able to go (my other option is during work hours but I think my work might take issue to that). I decided trying to go after work once it became obvious that the morning idea was really not going to work, but I spent almost as much time waiting for machines and weights that I gave up after two visits. They have told us at work that as soon as they sign our next contract, they're going to put a gym in the ground floor for the employees. I hoping that will be soon but in the meantime, I'm setting up a few 'at home' options (which means a trip out to Wal-Mart for cheap weights which bugs me because a) I have to go out to Wal-Mart on the bus and b) then I have to carry the weights home).

Yes, my fingers are really the part of me I'd like to slim down and tone up!

One of the at home things I'm setting up is yoga. I always really enjoyed yoga but the times at the Y didn't work with my schedule and the class at my work is done on a cement floor with carpet laid over top... no subflooring. I actually found various moves a bit painful on the joints which is not what one wants from yoga (or if you do, I think you're crazy... and so does your body). I've done enough yoga classes as well as dance/movement classes that I feel, with a little help from Mr. Internet and Mrs. Library, I should be able to figure out a set or two to regularly do.

Or maybe more of this would make the calming yoga obsolete...

Two weeks ago, when C passed away, one of the items in my post that was never posted was about a Health, Wellness and Fitness Conference ("healthy living blogger summit" is what I've been calling it) happening Toronto next May called No Limits Canada. There's no definite time that's been set out yet (as far as us peons go) other than 'May' and I'm really hoping I can make it out there for it. At this point, however, I have a wedding in Spain in September 2011 and that takes priority for me as far as my travel budget for next year... here's hoping I win the lottery or find a sugar daddy!

Have any of you done yoga from a DVD, book or website? Do you have any recommendations?


Jaime said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog tonight!

I try to do yoga at home once in a while (cuz it's cheeeeeap!). If you haven't already heard of it, try They have a whole bunch of free 20 minute many more that are super cheap. I keep these on my computer and my ipod and can do yoga anywhere!

I'm not entirely sure about that No Limits thing. I've been blogging fairly prominently for 4 years and no one has ever gotten one of these things off the ground in Canada.

AndreaC said...

Thanks for the yoga page, it's a great resource.

The No Limits, I wish good luck to the bloggers who are trying to organise it. Even if they do get it running, it's a 4% chance I'll get there (wedding in Spain vs. weekend in Toronto) so no skin off my nose either way.