Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Productive Weekend despite the Doctor Who

For me, a weekend doesn't get much better than the one I just had. Despite the fact that it didn't end with the usual Sunday night dinner at my step-mom's, almost everything else I wanted to happen this weekend did: I had my first foray back into skating and it went really well, the Canucks beat the Bruins, Ireland won the opening game of Six Nations (rugby), I purchased and watched the Doctor Who Complete Specials DVD, I had a fabulous brunch with (most of) my girls, and I kept up with my running even without my running partner.

The last point was probably the biggest hurdle for me. Not feeling well, THR emailed me on Friday to say I'd be on my own for the next few days. A momentary fear crept over me; without my partner in crime, would I allow myself to talk myself out of my runs? Would some phantom pain or ache stop me from getting off the couch? It did on Friday but mostly in part because I was going to go skating afterwards so when I returned home from downtown later than I anticipated, I decided to let it slide and did the run on Saturday morning instead.

There is one upside (if I can call it that) to THR being sick. I was looking at the schedule for this week's runs and saw the increase of 2 minutes up to 3, and I balked at the notion. Although I find myself doing the 1 minute runs with ease, the 2 minutes still present a lot of gaa-waa-gaa-waa towards the end. Three minutes? The mere thought starts me gaa-waa-gaa-waaing and I'm sitting still. With only myself to be concerned with, I can make the executive decision to repeat this week's worth of runs and I don't have to try and sell anyone on the idea.

Skating on Friday night was a hoot, there really is no other word for it. I met up with AB from work and her boyfriend (or man purse, as we insisted on calling him after he agreed to hold our things) at the Oak Bay Rec for the Teen Skate. I know, I know, it's been a while since I could claim to be a teen, but I phoned earlier in the day to confirm if there's an upper age limit and according to the lady on the phone "there's no age limit, we just say 'teen skate' because we don't have a quarantine for the little kids." Um, quarantine? I was not as unsteady on my feet as I had anticipated, and soon we were heading around at quite the clip. By the end of our 90 minutes, I was in love with skating and couldn't wait to get back on the ice. Crazy ideas =1, complete and utter failure = 0.

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