Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're having a heatwave, a tropical heatwave

Okay, so it's not quite the Libyan Desert (pictured left), but Victoria is in the midst of a heatwave at the moment. I got home at 4:45 today, immediately had a shower so cold that when I got out I had goose bumps, and save for trips down to deal with my laundry, have been sitting in my skivvies ever since. The one upside to the heat is you don't feel like eating much.

I'm not necessarily a horrible eater, but I'm a lazy eater. I have a habit of thinking about my next meal when my stomach rumbles. For the boot camp, we had to plan all our meals, have them reviewed and then note what we actually ate. It was great having that requirement, but when the boot camp went so did my planning. It's a habit I am trying to get back into. My other problem is that I like to snack and yet I never plan for that when I do my grocery shopping. To help plan meals but still allow me my love of snacking, I'm combining what I learned at boot camp with Weight Watchers.

I like the idea of Weight Watchers. There's so many diet companies out there which do it with healthy balanced meals and they work for people, but they'd don't teach you how to plan and make those meals yourself. That's one thing I've always liked about WW. Having said that, I'm not actually attending WW. Someone may have taken part in a 12 week program at work a year ago, and that same someone may have kept all their handouts and perhaps a few blank sheets for recording food and points, and again, that someone may have photocopied a few of these pages to ensure there would always be another blank one. I'm just saying may, I'm not copping to anything.

But for this week, I see a lot of simple salads with pine nuts or tuna so I don't have to turn on any other heat sources in the apartment. And water, lots of water.

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